FileMaker Database Developers

Simplifying Business Processes and helping you get to the bigger picture

We convert nightmarish assemblies of Excel and Word documents into reliable database systems to help run businesses who are actively seeking to respond to the challenge of the Climate Crisis.

Typically, a client comes to us when they have become angry and frustrated with their current systems, the systems have failed too often and have become the barrier to growth.

The business owner watches helplessly as their staff spend hours moving data around, reports arrive late and are out of date. They are unable to get a good handle on their business and even attempting to work out who should have done what is getting complicated.

The staff are bored and de-motivated with the tedious repetitive data entry work and the constant need to track down errors.

Our first task is to bring this to an end, the next task allows the owner to step back from the business and finally get to see the bigger picture so that they can start to make the strategic moves they are desperate to make.

Great systems add value to a company - not only in terms of increased productivity but also in the potential sale value of a company. A company is easier to run if most of the business logic is contained within a custom system.

The cost of development can frequently be recouped within 2-3 years - sometimes within months.

A bit more detail?

Rarely does a client come to us who has previously created custom software so most do not know what is possible.

Usually we have been called in because

• the current system has collapsed, or

• the key person who did know (or maybe even created the system)

  has left, or

• the business owner is having sleepless nights having realised just

  how much they are being held back by this crazy system.

Together we identify the key issues - maybe three or four at most.

We are then engaged to design the system brief - this is the clever bit as is contains the inspiration on how things can get dramatically better. Then the development work is carried out and implemented and these ideas can be seen to be working and yielding dividends.