About Us
Richard Knight FileMaker Developer and Director of Elseandor

Richard Knight BA Arch (hons) Dip Arch


I  love finding out out how things work and then seeing how they could be simplified and better managed

I love removing the need for senseless work

I love plans, systems and evaluation. What do we need to do to make this more efficient and more effective?

... and I  have loved architecture since the age of 12 and qualified as an Architect in 1992. Database development is a phenominal progression from architecture. It requires the ability to think in three dimensions and then adds time as the fourth. Holding a database structure in my mind and being able to slot a new aspect of work into it, exercises all of my design skills.

I have been developing databases using FileMaker Pro since 1995.

I work on complex projects with dynamic companies that know what they are looking to achieve and who need a technology partner to help them achieve their goals.